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Innovation Dilemma – 10 recommendations

Many global companies suffer from the absence of strong innovation. Here are ten recommendations on how to innovate to create competitive advantage for managers seeking to build products and services globally.

Nissan Production Way

This article describes the Nissan Production Way (NPW), its basic principles – Douki-seisan and Genba kanri. NPW aims to improve the company’s productivity, effectiveness and have a global standard synchronized production system.

Companies and the Rural Push

Many companies are targeting rural areas to increase sales and market share. MNCs like P&G, Unilever and Nestle are not only targeting the tier-1 rich consumers but also the very poor. This article highlights the efforts of various companies to push into rural areas.

Amazon – Amazing Facts

This article highlights a few interesting facts on Amazon, Inc, the 17-year-old company with almost $50 billion in sales. Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos believes the company is still in its infancy. Amazing!

Nokia’s shadow program

This article describes Nokia’s shadow program – a unique HR program, introduced by Nokia India and adopted by its other offices globally. The program involves shadowing of top 30 Nokia leaders for about a week to learn about Nokia’s values directly from those who embody them.

The Nissan Way – Power from within

According to the Nissan way, the customer is prime focus, value creation provides the impetus and success is measured in terms of profit. This article talks about the Nissan Way and its five key principles.

Japanese M&A in foreign markets – second-largest acquirers in the world in 2011

Japanese companies were the second-largest acquirers in the world in 2011 (YTD) with 380 Japanese M&A transactions across the border. Earlier, they had focused only on the domestic market but now they seem to have realized the importance of expanding overseas and competing globally. But, is overseas M&A right for Japanese corporations?

Co-opetition – When Apple and Microsoft struck a deal

This article highlights co-opetition between fierce rivals Apple and Microsoft. On Aug. 6, 1997, at the Macworld conference in Boston Steve Jobs announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft. Earlier, Apple had sued Microsoft for patent infringement.