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Apple’s Mindshare to Marketshare Retail strategy

Apple was struggling with bad retailing experiences and for no fault of its own. It then decided to expand into retail on its own. When the first Apple Store was launched in 2001, a few experts opined that the retail effort would fail within a year and a half. Today, it is regarded to be one of the core reasons contributing to Apple’s success.

Hiring at McDonald’s – 50,000 McJobs in a day

McDonald’s announced April 19, 2011 as National Hiring Day in the U.S. McDonald’s has 14,000 restaurants in the U.S. and has 650,000 employees. As per the plan, McDonald’s will hire 50,000 new employees in various part-time and full-time positions at crew and management levels.

How are successful innovators different?

A recent study (400 companies) on global innovation by Booz & Company found that the most innovative companies (seven out of 10 top innovators) were not necessarily the biggest spenders on innovation.

Tesco’s mistakes in US – Not understanding the American Customer

This article highlights how Tesco is performing in the US market and some of the mistakes it has made when entering the American retail market. Tesco had been studying the US market for almost two decades but it is not predicted to break even until the financial year 2012.

McDonald’s versus Subway – The Sandwich Hamburger battle

In March 2011, sandwich chain Subway surpassed the world’s largest hamburger chain, Mcdonald’s in terms of the number of stores globally. However, McDonald’s still rules in terms of revenue with $24.1 billion, as compared with $15.2 billion for Subway last year.

Rise Mahindra Rise – Brand Makeover and Positioning

This article highlights Mahindra’s new brand positioning initiative – Rise. It’s old brand tag-line, Indians are second to none in the world, no longer suited a global multinational company with customers all around the world. Mahindra chose to reposition itself based on employee, consumer and customer feedback.

Mercadona – Innovative HR Practices for better store performance

Mercadona, a Spanish supermarket chain is not only committed to offering the lowest prices but also personalized customer service. For over a decade, Mercadona has had steady profits and do so for more than a decade. It does so by investing in employees and shows how innovative HR policies can lead to employee stability and ultimately to better store performance.

Reverse Innovation – Definition and Examples

This article gives an overview of Reverse Innovation, its definition and examples of reverse innovation in action across the world. Examples cover reverse innovation by companies like Nokia, GE, Tata, Godrej and HP to name a few.