In the Internet world, a small social media/web campaign can go viral and grab the attention of millions of people across the globe all at a very low cost. In their book, “The Dragonfly Effect” authors Jennifer Aaker and Andy Smith illustrate how to use the social web to achieve a big impact/social change. Four Elements of Dragonfly Effect

The title is inspired by the dragonfly which is a symbol of happiness, new beginnings, or change in some cultures. When its four wings work together it is the only insect that can fly in any direction. According to the authors, the four wings of the dragaonfly represent focus, grab attention, engage, and take action. When these four elements work together it creates the maximum impact. Capturing people’s emotions is important to use social media effectively. Nike’s WE Portal and HopeLab’s Re:Mission are good examples of the Dragonfly effect.