McDonald’s versus Subway – The Sandwich Hamburger battle

In March 2011, sandwich chain Subway surpassed the world’s largest hamburger chain, Mcdonald’s in terms of the number of stores globally. However, McDonald’s still rules in terms of revenue with $24.1 billion, as compared with $15.2 billion for Subway last year.

Rise Mahindra Rise – Brand Makeover and Positioning

This article highlights Mahindra’s new brand positioning initiative – Rise. It’s old brand tag-line, Indians are second to none in the world, no longer suited a global multinational company with customers all around the world. Mahindra chose to reposition itself based on employee, consumer and customer feedback.

Mercadona – Innovative HR Practices for better store performance

Mercadona, a Spanish supermarket chain is not only committed to offering the lowest prices but also personalized customer service. For over a decade, Mercadona has had steady profits and do so for more than a decade. It does so by investing in employees and shows how innovative HR policies can lead to employee stability and ultimately to better store performance.

Nandan Nilekani – From Infosys to Politics

Nilekani is recognized as one of India‘s most successful software entrepreneurs. He was invited by the Indian Prime Minister to head the Government’s Unique Identification project (UID project), which aims to provide identity to a billion citizens. Could Nilekani, a man of technology who was prone to measure software projects in great detail, successfully lead a government program, a social project with India‘s inherent challenges?

ITC’s Wealth out of Waste (WOW) Initiative

This case study highlights ITC’s Waste out of Wealth (WOW) Initiative launched in 2007. The ‘WOW program’ – (Wealth out of Waste) was an initiative in 2007 by ITC’s paperboard and specialty papers division as a waste paper collection business to boost raw material supply for its paper board mills.

Whirlpool’s Problems in China

This case highlights Whirlpool’s problems in China during the 1990s and contrasts competitive advantage between global firms and local competition in the appliance industry. The case briefly discusses what went wrong in China for Whirlpool like not managing distribution channels, bribery problems, wrong product decisions, not understanding local competition and so on.

Ford – Global Mindset and Risk Assessment

This case study analyzes the global mindset at Ford Motor Company, a leading multinational manufacturer of cars and trucks. The case also discusses a number of potential risks and challenges that Ford faces or may face in future and how it is responding to it. Ford’s global strategic management and strategies like ONE Ford, Aligned Business Framework (ABF), and matched-pairs are also briefly discussed.

Reverse Innovation – Definition and Examples

This article gives an overview of Reverse Innovation, its definition and examples of reverse innovation in action across the world. Examples cover reverse innovation by companies like Nokia, GE, Tata, Godrej and HP to name a few.

P&G’s Connect and Develop Strategy for Innovation

Reinventing P&G’s innovation business model P&G’s old strategy for innovation was based on the invention model where innovation comes from within the company – ‘invent it ourselves’ model. Earlier, innovation at P&G meant building global research facilities and having the best talent in the world develop unique products or inventions. But with the times and […]

Dell in India

This management case study in PDF format (15 pages) gives an overview of Dell’s business and marketing strategy in India. It gives an insight into the challenges Dell faces in India and attempts to answer if Dell’s business model will be successful in India.

Michael Dell – Leadership Case study

In 2007, Michael Dell returned to revive the company he had started in his college dormitory. This case briefly discusses the leadership skills/qualities of Michael Dell.

Lenovo in India

Lenovo,the world’s fourth-largest PC maker, has long dominated the Chinese market, the world’s second-largest. Lenovo had its worst year in FY 2009 globally and India was no different. Will Lenovo be able to successfully replicate its China business model in India?

Case Study on FedEx – HR Practices

This HRM case study highlights the Innovative HR practices and programs launched by FedEx since its early years. The people-service-profit (PSP) philosophy which FedEx introduced is also discussed.

Wal-Mart in India

Companies like Tata, Birla and Reliance have all attempted to enter food-and-grocery retailing in India with mixed success. Will Wal-Mart’s supply chain work in India? Download a case study (PDF file) on Wal-Mart in India.

Glocalization Examples – Think Globally and Act Locally

This article illustrates the concept of Glocalization – Think Globally and Act Locally. Examples on companies like Dell, Mcdonald’s, Starbucks, KFC, Unilever and Tesco taking a local approach in International markets are given.

SWOT Analysis

What is SWOT Analysis? SWOT analysis is used for identifying those areas where an organization is strong, where it is weak, the major opportunities the company can explore and the threats.

Business Strategy Case Studies

Download Case Studies on Business Strategy. Case Study resources in Business Strategy and other Management Education Subjects.