Management Gurus and their specialtyThere are many business leaders and management thinkers who have contributed and introduced various management theories or terms over the years. Here is a partial list of Business Strategy gurus or Management leaders and the term they coined or the strategy/management concept they are known for.

Guru Management/Strategy Concept
Abraham Maslow Hierarchy theory of motivation
Adrian J Slywotzky Value migration
Alfred DuPont Chandler Relationship between strategy and structure
Andrew Grove Strategic Inflection Point
Baybrooke and Lindblom Strategic decision-making process
Bennett G – Stewart EVA (Economic Vale Added)
C K Prahalad and Gary Hamel Core Competence, Bottom-of-the-pyramid
Charles Handy Virtual Organization, Outsourcing
Chester Barnard Communication and shared values in organizations
Chris Argyris Learning – single-loop and double-loop learning
Chris Zook and James Allen Adjacencies
Christopher A Bartlett Globalisation, Competition across borders
Clayton M Christensen Disruptive innovation
Cliff Bowman Relative price
David Yoffie Judo Strategy
Douglas McGregor Theory X and Theory Y
Elton Mayo and Fritz Roethlisberger Hawthorne experiments
Frederick Herzberg Two-factor theory of job satisfaction
George Yip Counterparry
Henri Fayol Problems of organizational structure
Henry Mintzberg Strategic Planning
Igor Ansoff Corporate Strategic Planning, popularizing SWOT analysis
James Brian Quinn Logical incrementalism
James C Collins and Jerry I Porras Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGS)
James Tobin Q-theory
James Utterback Innovation
Jeffrey Pfeffer and Robert Sutton Knowing-Doing Gap
Jim Collins Hedgehog Principle
Kaplan and Norton Balanced Score-Card
Kenichi Ohmae Strategy, Globalization
Kurt Lewin Force Field Analysis
Laurence Peter Peter Principle
Major Edward A. Murphy, Jr. Murphy’s law
Mary Parker Follett Collaborative and participative management and cross-functional problem solving
Michael Cusumano Strategic management of tech companies, Platform leadership and knowledge transfer across projects
Michael E Porter Five Forces Model, Value Chain
Morton Grodzins Tipping Point
Pascale and Athos McKinsey 7-S Framework
Peter F Drucker Father of modern management
Paul Krugman New trade theory
Peter Senge Learning organization
Ray Noorda Co-opetition
Rita Gunther McGrath and Ian C. MacMillan Discovery Driven Planning
Robert S McNamara Systems analysis
Ronald Coase Transaction costs and Social Cost
Russell Ackoff Strategic/Corporate Planning
Spender J C Strategic recipes
Stephen Covey Emotional Intelligence
Sumantra Ghoshal Globalisation, Competition across borders
Vijay Govindarajan Reverse Innovation, Strategic Cost Management
Vilfredo Pareto Pareto’s Principle
W Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne Blue Ocean Strategy
William Edwards Deming Total Quality Management