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Manish Jain is a business writer. Manish writes about business strategy, supply chain, marketing and other management subjects.

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One of our case studies – Nandan Nilekani – From Infosys to Politics was selected to be used for the 2010 International Leadership Association (ILA) Student Case Competition (ILA Conference events, ILA Boston – 4th Annual ILA Student Case Competition)


Business and Management Case Studies present specific, real-life examples of the strategies and tactics used by leading international businesses or companies to succeed globally. Divided into major business or management areas listed below, these case studies enhance knowledge and provide key company information. Each case covers important issues in international business like globalization, entry strategies, product marketing, brand management, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) (strategic alliances), corporate social responsibility and human resource management (HRM). Each case study focuses on a particular company, country or management style to clearly illustrate management/business scenarios. You can instantly download Case Studies in pdf format on various Business and Management Subjects. Case Studies on various companies and brands like eBay, Crosswords, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nokia, Ryanair, Wal-Mart, Topshop, Unilever, Tesco, Cafe Coffee Day, FedEx, Lenovo, H&M and Dell are available. Major Case Study areas covered include Business Strategy, Business Ethics, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Supply Chain Management, Information Technology, Innovation Management, Retailing Strategies etc.

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New/Latest Case Studies

  • Ford – Global Mindset and Risk Assessment
    This case study analyzes the global mindset at Ford Motor Company, a leading multinational manufacturer of cars and trucks. The case also discusses a number of potential risks and challenges that Ford faces or may face in future and how it is responding to it. Ford’s global strategic management and strategies like ONE Ford, Aligned Business Framework (ABF), and matched-pairs are also briefly discussed.
  • Michael Dell – A Leadership Case study
    In 2007, Michael Dell returned to revive the company he had started in his college dormitory. Majority of the analysts praised the idea of Dell’s return as CEO without a clue about what it is that he would actually do to turnaround the company. This case briefly discusses the leadership skills/qualities of Michael Dell.
  • Case Study on Lenovo India
    Lenovo, the world’s fourth-largest PC maker, has long dominated the Chinese market, the world’s second-largest. Lenovo had its worst year in FY 2009 globally and India was no different. Will Lenovo be able to successfully replicate its China business model in India?
  • Case Study on FedEx – HR Practices
    This HRM case study highlights the Innovative HR practices and programs (like the people-service-profit (PSP) philosophy which FedEx introduced since its inception in 1973) launched by FedEx since its early years.
  • Wal-Mart in India
    ‘In most countries, supermarket chains create and manage well-oiled supply chains to offer consumers lower prices and dampen inflationary trends. Inflation in India is touching decade-highs. But then it’s a fallacy that in India it is always about low price’. Companies like Tata, Birla and Reliance have all attempted to enter food-and-grocery retailing in India with mixed success. Will Wal-Mart’s supply chain work in India?
  • The Adidas and Reebok Merger
    Will Adidas’ $3.7 billion takeover of Reebok in 2005 be successful or is it hampering the German sportswear-maker’s performance?
  • Topshop in U.S. – Will London street style work in the U.S.?
    In April 2009, Topshop, the successful British fast-fashion retailer of cheap-chic clothes finally made its entry into the U.S., the world’s most cut-throat fashion market. Can it replicate its success (in UK) in the U.S. market? This case discusses Topshop’s entry strategy in U.S.
  • McDonald’s – Business Strategy in India
    How did McDonald’s India manage to buck the trend in a struggling economy? What is its business strategy to get more out of its stores in India? This case discusses how McDonald’s adapted to local culture in India, its localization and entry strategy, its strong supply chain and pricing strategy.
  • Crossword – Innovative Strategies in Book Retailing
    Crossword Bookstores changed the bookselling and book buying scene in India with their innovative stores and strategies over the years. What makes Crossword what it is today? This management case study discusses Crossword’s constant innovations.
  • H&M’s Low-Cost, High-Fashion Supply Chain
    How did H&M manage to succeed in what many reckon is the toughest trading conditions in decades? Since 1947 (when it set up its first store in Sweden) to 2007 (with its move into Asia) the key to H&M’s success has been its supply chain. This management case study discusses H&M’s Supply Chain Management Practices.
  • Hennes & Mauritz, H&M in Japan – Hit or Mistake?
    This management case study discusses H&M’s entry and strategy in Japan. In Sept 2008, Swedish fast fashion giant Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) opened its first flagship store in Japan. Will H&M be a Hit or is it committing a Mistake in Japan?
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