How do you change the culture of a company? The answer seems simple – Start a movement within the company, restructure the company or start a revolutionary campaign for a new product. Often the change starts within the company and in due course involves the customer and becomes a successful customer movement. The movement is not a mere statement of words. It engages the employees and is more actionable. Movements give everyone in the company a sense of direction and align them with the company goals.

Many companies have started movements/campaigns to boost their company culture. Listed below are a few random examples (some successful and some others not so). Some of the examples may not exactly fit into a companywide culture change/movement and could just be a campaign for a new product or a corporate philosophy or structure. However, it represents a substantial cultural shift, a change in the thinking of the company.

Examples on changing company culture

Company Movement/Campaign
Apple Think Different
Best Buy ‘Results only Work Environment’
Cognizant ‘Three-in-a-box’ and ‘Two-in-a-box’ structure
Dell Low-cost culture and its direct selling distribution model
Facebook Hackathon culture
Ford Fiesta Movement, One Ford Plan
Godrej GoJiyo campaign
GE Six Sigma
Goldman Sachs ‘Leadership Acceleration Initiative’ – an annual six-month program for managing directors around the globe.
Google 20 percent time
Home Depot Operation Career Front
Infosys 18 month initiative in 2007 to reorganize the business into new roles and structures
JCPenney “Fair and Square Every Day” pricing strategy.
Lockheed Martin Full Spectrum Leadership initiative
Mahindra & Mahindra ‘Rise’ brand campaign
Nike Reorganization in 1993
Nokia ‘Amazing Everyday’ campaign
Philips ‘Towards One Philips’, ‘Strategic Conversations’
P&G ‘Organization 2005’ program in July 1999
Toyota The Toyota Way