The chief electoral office of Delhi, India decided to launch a series of advertisements in April 2009 at McDonald’s retail outlets to encourage young voters for the Lok Sabha elections – the largest ever democratic process in the world. McDonald’s which has around 155 restaurants in India (including 35 in Delhi) is keen on the idea and considers it as its social responsibility to make people aware and encourage to participate the democratic process.

McDonald’s in India

McDonald’s was launched in 1996 in India and has established itself as the family’s favorite quick-service restaurant. According to estimates, McDonald’s stores have an average of 2,750 walk-ins in each of the 155 stores. India counts itself amongst the top 10 per cent of the busiest markets for McDonald’s anywhere in the world. In India, McDonald’s had decided not to launch its beef-based core product – the hamburger – so that it didn’t hurt religious sentiments of the Hindus.

The Strategy – Building awareness among citizens

The strategy is simple. Delhi has approximately 40 lakh electors between the age group of 18-29. McDonald’s is popular among the younsters and catchy slogans and messages will encourage them. McDonald’s India wants to support the task of building awareness amongst citizens and remind them of exercising their right to vote.

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