Case Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Manufacturing – The first Dell ‘Made in India’ desktop
  3. Dell’s Market Share in India
  4. The Indian consumer and Local competition in India
  5. DELL – Key Facts about the company
  6. Dell – Company Overview
  7. Dell – Business Segment Information
  8. Dell Products and Services
  9. Dell’s new retail strategy and Direct-only model
  10. Dell’s New Marketing Strategy in India
  11. Dell’s New Advertising Campaign for SMBs
  12. Testimonial Advertising instead of Transactional
  13. Dell’s CSR, Green Initiatives in India
  14. Questions for discussion
  15. Bibliography


Sample Page

“India is a great place to be in. It is growing faster than China for us.”
“We’re in 180 countries and I don’t track all of them because that can make you a bit dizzy. But I do follow our top 10 markets. India is in the top 10. In fact, it’s the fastest growing market of our top 10, ahead of everybody, including China. There are plenty of opportunities in India and we couldn’t be more excited.”
Michael Dell in 2010

‘‘We’re very strong in the large enterprise segment, but over the next three years, we’ll also focus on consumers and small and medium (Indian PC market growing faster than China: Michael Dell news, 2010) businesses. That’s where we see a big part of the next billion dollars in India coming from.”
Sameer Garde, India country manager in 2010


Dell’s presence in India is no surprise. India is one of the most important emerging markets in the world. For years, selling PCs in Asia largely meant China . However, PC makers have recognized the importance of the giant Indian market , its booming economy and annual growth at more than 9%.

Dell started in India about seven or eight years back by opening a customer contact center at Bangalore in 2001. In 2003, the second contact center opened at Hyderabad. The company operates its services from four centers based at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Gurgaon. Dell started in Bangalore providing customer support to English speaking countries and later also began providing technical support, procurement of financial back office and Knowledge process outsourcing. After the U.S., Dell India is the second biggest center with 23,000 employees. The strategic importance of India to Dell is evident from the fact that India was one among three locations (the other two being US and UK) where Dell’s Latitude E series and Precision notebooks were launched. In India, Dell already has a 23,000-strong workforce in about 10 years of operations and business from India is closing in on the $1 billion mark. Dell has nearly 13 per cent share of the Indian market.

Case Updates/Snippets

  • Dell’s channel strategy is to make technology more available to small and medium businesses (SMBs). Dell’s channel partners contribute 22% to its total revenue globally. Out of 10 million SMB customers across the globe, Dell caters to 12,000 SMB customers in India. As per estimates, SMB market in India has over 7 to 13 million customers. Among the BRIC countries and U.S., India is ranked second for the number of SMBs.
  • Stiff competion between Dell and HP in the Indian PC market: According to IDC, since 2005, HP has held the number one position in the Indian PC market every quarter (for the past six years). However, in the second quarter (April-June, 2010), Dell replaced HP for the first time with a 15.2 percent share. HP followed at 14.3 percent and Acer at 11.5 percent, though HP still led in the desktop segment. Dell was helped by strong marketing and its channel partners base while HP was disrupted by its move from a national distribution model to a network of regional distributors.
  • PC Market in India:In 2009, 75 lakh PCs were sold. In 2010, the expected PC sales are 90 lakh. For the first six months ended June 2010, sales totaled about 45 lakh. [Note: 10 lakh=1 million, PCs include desktops and notebooks.]
  • Premium Phone Support service: In July 2012, Dell announced Premium Phone Support service. The 24×7 phone, chat, and e-mail support service is for its consumer line of products. The service is unique as it caters to both hardware and software.
  • Channel Initiatives in India:Since the beginning of 2013, Dell has taken initiatives like launching the Dell’s Engineer’s Club (train channel partners), Enterprise Master Tool (to close deals faster) and the Partner Advisory Council (to augment sales). These initiatives are launched to support its channel partners in India. Dell has more than 2,000 partners in its Global Commercial Channel (GCC) partner program in India.