Case Description

This case study analyzes the global mindset at Ford Motor Company, a leading multinational manufacturer of cars and trucks. The case also discusses a number of potential risks and challenges that Ford faces or may face in future and how it is responding to it. Ford’s global strategic management and strategies like ONE Ford, Aligned Business Framework (ABF), and matched-pairs are also briefly discussed.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction – Ford’s Global Mindset
  • Ford – Quick Facts
  • Risk Factors in the Automobile Industry
  • Financial Crisis and recession
  • Oil Crisis, Changing consumer habits and Environment standards
  • Investing in R&D and New Technology
  • Assessing Risks in a global environment
  • Early Years – From a market-seeking to a resource-seeking strategy
  • Expanding capacity in markets where it is lagging behind
  • Using new technology
  • Local Sourcing
  • Other Risk factors
  • ONE Ford Strategy
  • “Matched-pairs” system
  • Aligned Business Framework
  • Ford’s Global Manufacturing Strategy
  • Standardization and Sharing Best Practices
  • Ford’s Global product strategy
  • Bibliography
  • Exhibit 1 – Ford’s five key priorities in operating as a globally integrated team
  • Exhibit 2 – Ford’s Facilities around the World
  • Exhibit 3 – Ford’s Business Segments based upon its organizational structure
  • Exhibit 4 – Industry sales volume – 2005 to 2009
  • Exhibit 5 – Factors affecting Ford’s profitability
  • Exhibit 6 – ONE Ford plan that Ford Motor Company is using to transform its business
  • Exhibit 7 – Key elements of Ford’s Aligned Business Framework (ABF) agreements
  • Exhibit 8- Main elements of Ford’s Flexible Manufacturing Strategy