Lenovo Globalization Strategy

Slow and steady no longer wins the race. Globalization teaches Lenovo to embrace risk and leave a lumbering legacy behind.To go global Lenovo, the leading PC manufacturer in china took various steps like:

Lenovo – globalization plans

  • Lenovo is sponsoring the 2008 Olympic Games
  • Lenovo acquired IBM’s PC unit
  • Lenovo changed its corporate name from Legend to Lenovo


Lenovo Legend Group Globalization Plans Global Branding Brand Consolidation Business Diversification IBM’s PC Unit Acquisition Globalization Challenges Cultural Clashes

Lenovo Facts

Lenovo founded in 1984
Lenovo was originally called Legend Beijing
Lenovo was by Chuanzhi along with ten colleagues at the Computer Technology Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

Lenovo controls 25 % of the Asian computer market, largely due to its ability to sell computers cheaply and China’s high tariffs on imports. Lenovo paid 1.25 billion United States dollars to IBM, of which $650M were paid in cash and $600M were in Lenovo stock.

Lenovo manufacturing
Lenovo has manufactured 4.5 million PCs including laptops and desktops

Lenovo Diversification
Lenovo has also diversified into other business areas including handheld devices and IT.

Lenovo Revenues
51.5% – corporate segment
33.5% – consumer segment
8.8% – handheld devices
3.8% – contract manufacturing and
2.4% – IT services