Managing a Global Organization during Merger and Consolidation

The foremost challenge for IT management teams as they develop and manage a global organization via merger and consolidation is to make certain the production teams of the merged entities keep up their present business at standard service levels.

Typically, when mergers occur the operations/production teams find it difficult to match customer defined service level agreements all through standard business conditions. The disruptions related to merger and consolidation actions imply that IT managers will find they are now faced with managing issues such as degrading productivity arising out of organizational differences, employee fears, differing cultures, time zones and challenging timelines for combining the merged entities into a single global operations entity.

It is critical for IT managers to guarantee they maintain focus on their customers’ needs, while establishing good relationships/partnerships with the freshly merged operations’ entities. Success comes from the top management and other management teams striving right away to reach out to employees of the combined merged organization to correspond to them their value to the team and the overall single global entity.

Employees within the combined IT organizations must recognize their value and role in building the new IT organization. Knowledge of how the employees will add value to the final organization will supply the buy-in they need to focus on matching their customers’ expectations, while aiding a better IT organization utilizing the best practices from the two merged IT companies.