Reinventing P&G’s innovation business model

P&G’s old strategy for innovation was based on the invention model where innovation comes from within the company – ‘invent it ourselves’ model. Earlier, innovation at P&G meant building global research facilities and having the best talent in the world develop unique products or inventions. But with the times and technology changing and P&G growing enormously, the old model was not working. P&G needed a new approach.

New innovation model – Connect and Develop

P&G knew that for every researcher it had, there were many others who existed outside the organization. So, rather than sourcing for innovation from within, P&G wanted to identify potentially good ideas throughout the world and apply its own capabilities to them to develop better and cheaper products, faster. The model was called “Connect and Develop”. The new model allowed P&G to shift its centralized approach to a globally networked internal model.