Tesco takes on US Wal-Mart

Case Contents

1. Introduction – Tesco in US Retail Market
2. Tesco – Company Background and Timeline
3. TESCO at a Glance
4. Localization Strategy – Tesco in South Korea
5. Tesco’s Business Strategy in the US – Healthy food, No waiting
6. Store Formats
7. Financial Highlights
8. Related Reading

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Case Abstracts

UK’s largest retailer Tesco and one of the top supermarket operators in the world plans to open a thousand-strong chain of discount stores in the US. Tesco plans to invest more than $250m (£120m) [$2.5 billion over the next five years] in its US business launch. This expansion plan and strategy places it directly against competitor retail giant Wal-Mart. Many UK retailers have found it difficult to survive or compete in the US retail market. The US retail market is most competitive in the world, a fact well-known to British retailers Sainsbury’s and Marks & Spencer which failed to attract US customers.

Tesco’s Business Strategy in the US – Healthy food, No waiting

Fresh & Easy stores

Tesco started operations in the US by opening 15 of its Fresh & Easy stores in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and Phoenix. By 2009, Tesco plans to open 200 more outlets to expand the retail network. Tesco’s basic US stores will be similar to European discounters Aldi and Lidl though Tesco stores will be 75% smaller than most American supermarkets. Fresh & Easy stores about 10,000 square feet are one-third the size of a typical supermarket, but four times that of a convenience store. Tesco is adopting a hard-discount model in the US. Tesco’s convenience stores modeled on the Tesco Express blueprint target US grocers such as 7-Eleven and locally-run stores.

This case study covers the following issues:
1. Assess Tesco’s globalization strategies
2. Examine and analyze the entry and expansion strategies of Tesco in US
3. Study how Tesco localized its retail practices in US
4. Understand Tesco’s efforts to integrate its global best practices with local strategies in US

Case Study Keywords:
Tesco, Samsung, Globalization Strategy, Localization Strategy, International Business, International Expansion and Entry Strategies, Retail Store Formats, supermarkets