Case Study Contents

  1. Introduction to Unilever’s Restructuring Initiatives
  2. History of Unilever
  3. The 1880s – Lever & Co and Sunlight Soap – A revolutionary product
  4. Lever Brothers – Growth with acquisitions and new product introductions
  5. 1930 – Unilever is born
  6. Unilever – Rapid Growth with diversification
  7. Unilever N.V. and Unilever PLC
  8. Unilever’s Path to Growth Strategy
  9. Key focus areas of the Path to Growth Strategy
  10. Organizational Restructuring
  11. Foods and Home and Personal Care as two separate Global Units
  12. Unilever’s Brand Restructuring
  13. Brand focus strategy ‘nourishing the core’
  14. Major components of Brand Strategy under PGS
  15. Brand Acquisitions and Consolidation Strategy
  16. Brand Disposal Strategy at Unilever
  17. Marketing and Distribution
  18. Advertising
  19. Simplifying Business Processes
  20. Supply Chain Restructuring
  21. Questions For Discussion
  22. Exhibit 1: Unilever – Turnover and profit for the last 12 years
  23. Exhibit 2: Sales Growth of Unilever
  24. Exhibit 3: Comparative Data on Unilever’s close competitors
  25. Exhibit 4: List of Unilever’s Major Brands


Case Study Abstract

The case study highlights Unilever’s business strategy focusing mainly on its restructuring initiatives. The case analyzes in detail the key elements of Unilever’s restructuring plan ‘Path to Growth Strategy’ initiated in early 2000.

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